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Individuals and organizations are welcomed to join the Albion Chamber of Commerce at any time throughout the year. Membership is open to all area individuals, industries, and other businesses that serve Albion's  community and economy.


Member dues support the betterment of the community made possible by Chamber-sponsored projects and initiatives that improve and beautify the town, bring the community together, and support the local economy.

Members in good standing are included in the Chamber's online Member Directory to help others find services, opportunities to collaborate, and to keep dollars local. 


$20 for Individuals

$60 for professional and retail businesses

$110 for industrial businesses

Download form to complete and mail with payment, or use the buttons below to complete your order.

Group Rate Offer!

If you are interested in joining the following four of Noble County's five chambers, consider taking advantage of our Group Membership offer - Save up to 20% off! This includes memberships in:

- Albion Chamber of Commerce
- Avilla Chamber of Commerce
- Ligonier Chamber of Commerce
- Rome City Chamber of Commerce

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